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Santa Swallows Like A Slut (ipod Version)

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Santa Swallows Like A Slut (ipod Version)

***Forced Cum Feeding Tube, 4 LOADS of CUM, 2 Wicked Women, Multiple CUM DElivery Tactics*** Santa is held hostage and threatened by Two Beautiful Women. Santa will not be getting any cookies this year, but he will be forced to swallow LOADS of milk. We force this fat old pig to swallow EVERY LOAD that is delivered down his Cum Feeding Tube………………..Two Spoiled Rotten Jewish American Princesses are not satisfied with these cheap gifts from Santa. These gifts do not compare to all the Hanukkah gifts We get from Our Sugar Daddies. This fat old pig must PAY for bringing Us this cheap stuff. We decide to drown Santa in CUM loads that We force down his Cum Feeding Tube. Santa swallows FOUR MASSIVE LOADS of CUM, Three Other Men’s Loads and a White Load of his own forced right down his Cum Feeding Tube. Santa becomes Our Ho Ho Ho, and is quite the Cum Slurping slut. Santa only Cums one time per year, but this year he will Drown in the Cum of other men who can outperform him. Cum and Watch the various methods of Cum Delivery that We force upon Santa’s Feeding Tube. Santa even has to swallow every drop that squirts from a NINE INCH STUD COCK. Watch Santa’s own little dick also get MILKED right into his own Feeding Tube…… This will be the WHITEST CHRISTMAS EVER !!! (ipod Version)

Santa Swallows Like A Slut (ipod Version) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Kinki Kory In I Brought You Home Leftovers (iphone)

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Kinki Kory In I Brought You Home Leftovers (iphone)

Back from the club Honey and We had the best time. Alexis and I wanted to play a game, who could get the most cum in their pussy…Guess who won??? Does not matter, you lost. We brought back all that cum for you. Now lean back and open up, it is time for your cum feeding…Open that big…Dirty…Cum Loving mouth and swallow that Stud Cum…Next week we are bringing the Bull home for you…We want to feed you directly but tonight you get a sample…A Big Sample…You missed a couple drops but that is OK, you know how it tastes…Next week faggot, the Bull is coming over and you are going to love it!!!

Kinki Kory In I Brought You Home Leftovers (iphone) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

From Chastity To Castration (wmv)

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

From Chastity To Castration (wmv)

It’s been a horrifying 4 years locked in chastity by your beautiful but cruel girlfriend Chelsea. She has starved you of any sexual release for year after year, feeding you nothing but frustration as she teased and denied you over and over again. You’ve hoped with all your heart that someday she’ll let you out of your little cage – and that day has just arrived. She’s going to put that long lost key into the lock and set you free… But Chelsea is going to take her evil plan to keep you a sexless little loser to a whole new level. She’s arranged for her friends to give you a back-street castration to rob you of any chance of ever enjoying a night of pleasure with a woman ever again. They’re taking your cock and balls and turning you into a pathetic sissy girl for the rest of your life. Chelsea’s heartless desire to destroy your manhood doesn’t end at having your worthless cock removed though sissy. Tonight you’re also going to feel what it’s like to be used like a real girl. Also available to download in AVI and IPOD formats

From Chastity To Castration (wmv) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Feeding Babyman!.(real Player)

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Feeding Babyman!.(real Player)


I love having My huge ALL NATURAL 40C tits suckled, squeezed and played with…



320 X 240

Feeding Babyman!.(real Player) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Cory Chase In Eat More So My Husband Can Fuck You – Part 1 (hd)

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Cory Chase In Eat More So My Husband Can Fuck You - Part 1 (hd)

Time to fatten you up like a Thanksgiving Turkey and fuck you six ways from Sunday…I have just fed you an enormous, fattening meal and now I want you to eat dessert because afterwards you know that my hubby is going to want to fuck you and have you suck his cock…You are sitting there naked and as fat as a stuffed pig…I am so proud of how much you ate and how fat you are getting and how fat you look…Your fat turns me on so much and my husband too…I love how fat your felly, ass, thighs, love handles are getting but I want you to eat more so that you can get bigger and it turns my husband on so much to see you totally stuffed and I want him to fuck you and suck his cock…I will start by feeding you dessert…A tin of cookies will work…When you complain about how full you are getting I make a deal for every big bite you take I will remove a piece of clothing…So I strip down while you eat, and the whole time I will seduce you…I tell you about how I don’t want to fuck your tight little body and how fat you are getting and how much it turns my husband on…

Cory Chase In Eat More So My Husband Can Fuck You – Part 1 (hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Dick Feast – Mov Format

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Dick Feast - Mov Format

The cleaning slaves have finished cleaning the dungeon. Mistress Xena doesn’t have $$ to pay the slaves. Mistress decides to pay the slaves, by feeding them My ‘hubby’s’ dick. “This is your payment… DICK.” Mistress Xena forces the 2 slaves to suck dick. One by one, the slaves take turns to suck him o ff. That’s what they are there for. Categories: Forced Bi, Cock Worship, Deep Throat, Oral Servitude, Bisexual, Gay Blowjobs.

Dick Feast – Mov Format – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Mary Jane And Cory In Faggot Feeding (dvd)

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Mary Jane And Cory In Faggot Feeding (dvd)

Don’t worry Honey…Mary and I see you down there all tied up…I do have some bad news and good news for you…Our Studs say you are resisting your love of swallowing cum…We have discussed this so many times, you are to suck and swallow every cock we bring you…We are your Pimp and you are our Cuck…I brought you home my favorite Stud who drops the biggest loads…So open up and get ready to swallow…We will even make this easy on you…He will cum in my mouth and I will snow ball the cum with you…You want to be our Fag Boi don’t you??? Now open up and swallow Faggot!!! You disgust us!!! My Sissy Husband is a Gum Sucker now…That is so Sad, but you love…I want you to just lay there…Mary and I are going out tonight to pick up some new Studs…If you are lucky we will bring you back the used condoms to swallow…

Mary Jane And Cory In Faggot Feeding (dvd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]