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You’re A Faggot

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

You€™re A Faggot

How are my little cock suckers doing today? Are you touching your little cocks thinking about sucking on some hot boy dick? Mistress knows what€™s going on inside the minds of her little cunts. All their life boys are discouraged from expressing themselves and their true wants and desires. They grow up with their own dick in their hand constantly wondering what it would taste like to chew on another€™s cock. When you are around Mistress you can let loose and be your true faggy self. Mistress adores and encourages all her little cum eating whores to eat cock, eat cum and to be their true fucking cocksucking selves. Sonya explains to you that she is going to arrange a bi boy suck party where you suck off 30 boys that she found online, and they all blow their load on your faggy face. You claim that you would only suck if Mistress is making you do it, but we all know you have been jerking off thinking about sucking cock all your slutty adult life. You are a cocksucker deep within, but don€™t worry fag, Mistress still loves you even though you are really a faggot boy deep inside.

You€™re A Faggot – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bi Bar Whore And Cocksuker? This Is For You ! Sept1_2011

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Bi Bar Whore And Cocksuker? This Is For You ! Sept1_2011

I know you eye me at the bar and want to invite me back to the alley and suck me off properly. i am wearing my leather jacket and polos, showing you what will happen to you once we get there. what a whore cocksucker you are !
640×480 HQ

Bi Bar Whore And Cocksuker? This Is For You ! Sept1_2011 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Superhero Black Widow Forces 3 Loads (ipod Version)

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Superhero Black Widow Forces 3 Loads (ipod Version)

This little wimpy guy thought he had what it takes to be a Super-Hero. He auditioned for a postion with the Avengers, and FAILED miserably at his tasks. Super-Hero “Black Widow” is very disappointed at this young wimp. She also notices that his dick is not even 2 inches long!!!……….Watch Black Widow force this little wimp down on his knees to teach him a lesson. This wimpy guy is humiliated in a Maid Outfit, Stockings, Stiletto high heels, and a wig. He can barely walk in his Stiletto High Heels, so this poor loser is forced lower on his knees, where he will stay all night……….Black Widow trains Her new pet to service Her pistol. She forces him to perform oral services to the barrel of Her Gunn, to train him for the next step………..Black Widow thinks this wimpy guy may still be of some service to Her Partners in the KGB. Soon he is learning how to suck a REAL SUPERHERO COCK, and advances to the next level of training……Black Widow forces a Funnel in this wimpy guy’s mouth. He must learn to force swallow many LOADS of CUM, if he ever wants to possess SUPER-HERO Powers. Watch this FAILURE take load after LOAD of SUPER-HERO Cum-Shots directly funneled right down his throat, for faster absorption. Watch the humiliation that Black Widow bestows upon Her victim, while training him to Work for HER.****THREE (3) DIFFERENT CUMLOADS, COCKSUCKER TRAINING, and SUPERHERO FORCED Cum-Eating**** (ipod Version)

Superhero Black Widow Forces 3 Loads (ipod Version) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Suck Cock At The Adult Bookstore (wmvmed)

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Suck Cock At The Adult Bookstore (wmvmed)

I know you fag boys love my little assignments. You just need another excuse to suck cock. You love cock, haha. So I want you to go to your local adult bookstore. Yea the one where you’re a regular. And you are going to suck random cock for me, Goddess Dylan. You love to please your Goddess.

Go and pretend like you are looking for a new gay dvd but really you’ll be eying up all the guys who come in, trying to see who has the biggest cock. Then I want you take one into the back, to a booth or a glory hole and I want you to suck their fucking cock right there in the bookstore!

I want you to be an aggressive little fag for cock. And you’re not going to do this just once, I want you to suck off five or six guys. I know you want to be a good little cocksucker for me.

Take big fucking cocks down your throat. I want you to suck everyone’s cock who come into that bookstore. And I want to know every single detail about each cock you suck! Then I’m going to make fun of you for being my little gay bitch.

And I want you to swallow every drop….

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One For Each Hole

Friday, June 17th, 2011

One For Each Hole

This video is for my sissy sluts cause you know I love you so much! So first go get yourself dressed up real slutty like a good sissy. I want you feeling really naughty. Tonight you’re going to get double stuffed! Doesn’t that sound like fun.

I’m going to weave the hottest scene into your brain about how you’re going to get double teamed by two huge hung studs! I know how desperately you crave that. So go grab two huge dildos and get ready to take them both! One in your ass and one in your mouth!

Now suck that first dildo and show me what a good cocksucker you are! Suck that studs cock! Then take the other one and practice sucking it off! Mmmm you’re a good cock sucking bitch. You’re going to be a good cumslut tonight!

I know your little cock is getting so hard from this. You love being a double stuffed sissy bitch. So take one of those dildos and get ready to stick it in your ass while you suck the other one. You’re a filthy fucking sissy. You love being called names. Pump those two dildos in and out of your sissy face and ass. Imagine two studs abusing you like the slut that you are! Hahaha

I’m going to work you into the biggest sissy orgasm you ever had in your entire life! You’re gonna be a cum covered sissy slut! Become the nasty little sissy you were born to be…

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Gag The Fag! – Your New Job! (standard)

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Gag The Fag! - Your New Job! (standard)

Custom Request: In this clip you have the shot somewhat below the viewer as if they were looking up at you. Have your hair down for this clip. (somehow having you look like this abuse is just another part of a regular day for you is really hot) You have a strapon that you are stroking as you tell the viewer about your new plans for them. You start out by telling me that you are not happy with the money I am bringing home and have come up with a new job for me that you think will suit my talents. You go on to tell me that you plan on making me suck cock for you every night after work and want us to come home with all the money for you. To make sure we are the best cocksucker we can be, you decide to train us with your strapon to make sure we have the skills needed to make the most money for you. As you are telling us this, you can stroke your strapon slowly and call us faggots. Go into some detail about how you plan to take us to a club and handcuff us to the toilet in the men€™s room as you and your girlfriend€™s line up guys for us to blow for $10 each. You go on to explain that you are going to tell the guys to be as rough with us as they want and to gag us with their cocks to make sure we become deep-throat experts. You also encourage them to jerkoff in our faces when they finish, to humiliate us even further. While you are degrading us with this dialog, you should be laughing gently at the thought of the abuse and visibly enjoying the torment. You can also spit down on us to add to the degradation and let us know how much you€™re going to enjoy abusing us like this. You also mention that you are going to have your lovers fuck our faces as well whenever they want to make sure we are always the best fag we can be for you.

Gag The Fag! – Your New Job! (standard) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Stretching Your Ass

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Stretching Your Ass

I’m going to be whoring you out for money! But before I send you out to work we need to stretch that asshole of yours to make sure you can handle some of the larger customers! So get out your dildo and start fucking yourself. But I need to see how good you are at sucking cock. So take that dildo out and now start licking it after it’s been in your ass! Start making long tongue strokes up and down the shaft of the dildo, now shove it all the way down your throat! You are going to be such a good little cocksucker! How much should I charge for you? $20 a pop? HAHAHA

Stretching Your Ass – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Humiliated Cuckold In Stocks

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Humiliated Cuckold In Stocks

Last night We invited this guy over, and he refused to suck Our boyfriends’ cocks. I guess he thought he was too good for that kind of activity……….Well, tonight HE HAS NO FUCKING CHOICE, BUT TO LEARN HOW TO SUCK COCK FOR US !!!……..Two Blonde Babes teach this loser what it takes to be a real Cuckolded Cocksucker…..He is trained using Our Dildos, until We suspect he is ready for a REAL DICK. This loser is very reluctant, so We show him Our Gorgeous Asses to get him to smile. Then We force his open mouth even WIDER, and bring in a Bear Stud for him to service…………………….Last night he refused to suck cock for Us, when We showed him Our sexy, smooth, and physically fit boyfriends. So tonight We turned the tables, and FORCED him to suck a BIG HAIRY BEAR instead. He should have done what he was told yesterday, or he might not be in this predicament………………Watch this poor loser suck cock, while both Gorgeous Blondes fuck his asshole with Our hands. Both Women shove their sexy hands up his undeserving asshole and fill his other hole, while his mouth hole is being FUCKED…….What a nice surprise do We have in store for his trapped and restricted face and mouth???

Humiliated Cuckold In Stocks – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Strap-on Show Off .wmv

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Strap-on Show Off .wmv

Oh youre going to get it with my big black rubber strap on cock. I wanted to show you how big it is and exactly what your will be taking in your mouth, down your throat, and all the way up your ass. I know you want to get down on your knees and show me all the little tricks you’ve learned being a good little cocksucker and strap on worshiper.

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Strap-on Show Off .wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Amuse Us Faggot

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Amuse Us Faggot

This was a request- enjoy!!
This scene is shot POV with either you doing it solo or with your girlfriend. The clip is shot POV with you talking to the camera and abusing the viewer as your slave that you are going to make humiliate himself for your twisted amusement. The idea behind this scene is that you are going to make the viewer jerk off for you and finish by blowing his load of cum in his own face. You start off smoking and degrading the viewer a little by calling him a faggot that you always knew loved sucking cock. You continue to tell him that you are going to pimp him out for you to make a few extra bucks and need to know if the cocksucker can take a load to the face. All the while you are reminding him to stay on his back with his legs over his head and his dick pointed right at his loser face. As you continue the abuse, you tell him that his duties on the weekend will be to hang out at the local bar, in the bathroom and he will have to suck off any guy that wants a blowjob for $10 a pop. He will have to deep throat them and let them finish all over his face. If they want to fuck his ass, that€™s ok too as long as they are pleased with his services. If some of the guys want to piss on him, he has to take that and thank them, as long as they pay him well for the abuse. After his weekend is done, he needs to bring whatever money he has earned home to you. Laugh a little as you go through this and remember that you want him to finish with his load all over his face.

Amuse Us Faggot – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]